2017-11-16 15:01:18

The Exhibition 'Ferrari: Under The Skin' Is Held In London

Ferrari 250 GT Coupe pic

"Ferrari: under the skin" - the so-called new exhibition at the London Museum of Design. It is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous Italian brand. And this time it's not just about the beauty and power of iconic sports cars.

Ferrari 125 S - the first racing car created under the brand name Ferrari. Built it in the Italian city of Modena in 1947. The body was painted red. Subsequently, he became the trademark of the brand. Ferrari and race - have long been inseparable concepts. This part of the history of the brand is dedicated to a separate exposition. These two engines are the hearts of the Formula 1 sports cars. The one on the right is created in the 75th. Power - 500 horsepower. The one on the left was built in 2004. It hides 950 "horses". And on this bolide Ferrari F1-2000 Michael Schumacher three times became the world champion.

Great success in the race brought Ferrari sports model 166 MM of the 50th year of release. Presented at the exhibition and handsome Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet 57th. However, everyone sees the beauty of cars in their own way. For example, the founder of the brand Enzo Ferrari considered beautiful only those cars that win the rally. [Andrew Nahum, curator of the exhibition]: "Ferrari is designed without many compromises, to which you need to adapt the serial cars. At the same time, the criteria are very high, so the design of cars is very interesting. In the Ferrari, everything should be perfect: the interior, aerodynamics and aesthetics."

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