2016-09-07 12:03:15

The Top 10 of Monterey Auction

Ferrari LaFerrari pic

Mecum Daytime Auction was held in Monterey last week. A whole bunch of cool vehicles could be seen there.

Most valuable car presented there was a 2016 LaFerrari coloured in Nero DS Opaco. It was driven just 211 miles. The supercar had an extraterrestrial number ($4,700,000).

The second vehicle was a 1996 GT40 MkI from Ford. This offering was the first road-going car delivered in North America. The vehicle was under some serious restoration, so now it is almost fully original. This one was auctioned at $4.4M. The car was driven 11,000 miles.

The third one is another Ferrari. The 2003 Enzo model was driven 2,060 miles. It was given out for $3M.

The other auctioned vehicles were: the P1 from McLaren (2014) at $1,850,000, the 599 SA Aperta from Ferrari (2011) at $1,050,000, the Veyron 16.4 from Bugatti (2006) at $1,000,000, the Miura P400 from Lamborghini (1968) at $790,000, the 599 GTO from Ferrari (2011) at $680,000, the Carrera GT from Porsche (2004) at $610,000 and the Model J Phaeton from Duesenberg (1932) at $600,000.

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