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2018-07-25 15:16:38
Sergio Marchionne passed away

Former FCA head Sergio Marchionne died today. He was 66 years old.

2017-11-29 02:44:43
The new low budget sedan Fiat Cronos presented officially

Company Fiat introduced a new compact sedan, which replaced the model Linea. The novelty, intended for the budgetary market, has received the name Fiat Cronos.

2016-03-03 15:31:24
FCA is going to develop the Apple Car

FCA CEO stated about an intention to build the Apple vehicle.

2016-02-15 18:24:10
Spy Pictures of 2017 Fiat Panda's Facelift

Paparazzi caught Fiat testing its mid-cycle refresh for the adorable Panda. The vehicle is expected to come out at the end of this year.

2015-12-28 15:44:15
Fiat Topolino could turn back

A famous classic Fiat nameplate can be brought to life, a new report from an Italian auto blog indicates.

2015-12-23 13:35:02
Paparazzi caught the Fiat 500 Abarth Facelift

Fiat presented the facelifted 500 not long ago. Now the brand is showing off the 500 Abarth.

2015-12-11 14:25:13
FCA faced a $70M Fine

FCA will have to pay a $70 million fine in order to bring a U.S. investigation to conclusion.

2015-11-23 14:04:27
2017 Abarth 124 Spider will race in WRC

According to the latest report, the Abarth’s variant of the Fiat 124 Spider is scheduled to see the world in 2017.

2015-11-23 13:57:48
Idecore's Fiat XXX Render gives Bertone and Gandini their Due

Idecore and Maltese Design have developed a Fiat XXX. The model gives different Bertone and Marcello Gandini vehicles their due. The cars under consideration come from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

2015-11-11 11:55:44
Dubai will see the Tipo from Fiat

As far as you remember, Fiat previewed the latest Tipo sedan sometime ago. Now the automaker revealed the vehicle at the International Motor Show held in Dubai.

2015-10-13 15:35:08
Europe will see Fiat's Compact Sedan with the Name Tipo

Fiat has shared that its latest compact sedan will have the Tipo moniker in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

2015-09-15 16:57:09
FCA CEO will keep the V8s

CEO of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is not going to ditch the eight-cylinder engines.

2015-08-12 16:57:31
Will Fiat green-light the 500X Abarth with 200 HP?

According to the latest report, Fiat is ready to approve the Avarth-prepared 500X.

2015-08-07 15:09:31
Fiat 500X accessories from Mopar in the UK

The UK division of Fiat is selling an abundance of Mopar accessories for the 500X small crossover.

2015-07-29 14:45:18
NHTSA imposed a fine on Fiat Chrysler Hit

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has to reimburse a $105-million for withdrawn faults that involves $20-million that the automaker planned to invest on industrial promotional campaign.

2015-07-28 10:48:27
Rendering of 500 Five-Door Hatchback from Fiat

See a speculative rendering of a 5-door hatchback from Fiat which is based on the 500X crossover.

2015-07-06 14:19:56
Upgraded Cabin for the Refreshed 2016 Fiat 500

The renovated 2016 Fiat 500 has been unveiled for the market on the continent. The vehicle features an upgraded cabin at full speed.

2015-06-19 12:00:59
See partially revealed Fiat 500 Facelift

Refreshment of the Fiat 500 has been unveiled to some extend with the help of spy pictures which have come before the vehicle’s presentation.

2015-04-14 11:51:55
Stylish 1957 Edition for Fiat 500 Cabrio

Fiat is spicing up its 500 convertible.

2015-03-19 16:46:12
Three New Names for Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler is waiting for three new names.

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