2016-09-05 17:27:38

48-Gallon Fuel Tank for Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty pic

The latest Ford Super Duty pick-up truck can be obtained with the largest fuel tank that can be placed in every heavy duty truck that is marketed in the U.S.

Actually, it is no less than 182 litres (48 gallons). However, 48 gallons is just the same size as a mid-size outdoor trash while a water heater is sufficient for a family home and 3 beer-kegs with spare room and a cool jellyfish aquarium.

It could cost $105.84 while a diesel version would be $112.94.

The 48 gallons would be sufficient for 720 miles.

The considered tank is regular-fit on Super duty offerings with a petrol unit and optional for diesel ones. The automaker wants to give a more productive tool for its clients.

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