2017-06-27 23:57:25

Dearborn Has Seen 2019 Ford Edge During Testing

Ford Edge pic

Ford is currently updating its Edge for 2019.

3 years ago the automaker gave the Edge SUV which was almost 7 years old then a serious make-over. It was a range of innovated EcoBoost features and an innovated chassis.

The unit will receive not that huge revision for 2019. You will see upgrades both inside and out. Paparazzi managed to catch one of the 1st prototypes of the unit during its testing which was held near Dearborn.

Most parts were hidden, but, nevertheless we know that there will be new front fascia and revised rear part. Expect to see new headlamps as well. However, the overall profile should be almost the same with the outgoing offering. The Edge will be equipped with the familiar Ford CD4 chassis.

Under the hood you will find the most important revision.

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