2017-03-03 15:20:49

Expect More Versatile Pick-up Trucks From Ford

Expect More Versatile Pick-up Trucks From Ford pic

Ford is filing for a “powered sliding platform assembly.”

On the contrary to a manually-operated sliding platform, the automaker’s patent application is for the one that receives power from an electric. It can also be used for powering the car or power tools through the outlet. The thing is that manually-operated platforms are sometimes difficult to operate if the platform is too loaded or the truck is on an incline or decline. The powered sliding platform assembly should help with those problems.

The unit is placed to rails in the vehicle’s bed. An actuator with a pin has to keep it locked in it. A controller should be coded to operate the actuator to retract the pin for permitting movement of the rail when it starts to move relative to the track.

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