2017-02-03 14:29:59

Ford: Formula 1 Is Still Rather Costly

Ford: Formula 1 Is Still Rather Costly pic

Ford reveals that Formula 1's sky-high costs are the turning factor in it showing no interest in returning to the category any time soon.

The Liberty Media’s arrival has promised a brighter future for grand prix racing. Moreover, a more popular sport might help more producers in the coming years.

The FIA wants the vehicle producers that do not take part in F1 to have a chance to discuss. The discussions should be held during next several months and will be aimed at framing engine rules for post-2020.

Under an agreement between the producers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda) and motor racing’s governing, the sic-cylinder turbo hybrid offering will stay where it is up till 2020.

Then a decision on either extending the use of the current motors or switching to an innovated concept should be taken.

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