2016-10-12 15:32:44

Ford Performance Packs EcoBoost Mustang!

Ford Mustang pic

Ford offers 2.3-litre turbocharged EcoBoost V4 unit. It adds torque of 70 pound-feet. Totally the torque output turns into 390 lb-ft. The engine also generates 335 hp.

Drivers of the 5.0-litrre eight-cylinder will experience a performance calibration kit with 37 additional hp. The unit will also receive a higher engine redline and an innovated no-lift-shift set-up allowing the driver to have the throttle depressed shifting the gears in manual versions of the Mustang.

Two other packages offer power boost by 12 and 16 hp thankfully to a high-flow air filter. The 2nd set-up provides cool-air intake e, a new open air filter and a larger throttle body. The power is boost by 21 hp and torque of 24 lb-ft.

Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available with the upgrades. The power packs comply with the emissions in the States.

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