2017-01-04 14:23:01

Ford Should Provide 13 Electrified Vehicles By 2021

Ford Mustang pic

Ford made a statement relating to 13 innovated electrified vehicles. All of them will reach the market in 2021. The automaker revealed 7 of them.

An innovated electric small SUV will come out in 2020. Its range should stand at “at least” 300 miles. The crossover EV is going to be manufactured at the Flat Rock factory located in Michigan. The car will be marketed in North America, Asia and Europe.

The producer also wants to develop a hybrid variant of the legendary Mustang sports vehicle. The Mustang hybrid should feature as much power as the eight-cylinder version and more torque. This model should also be developed at Flat Rock factory. It should be presented in North America in 2020.

The company wants to present a “high-volume autonomous vehicle” in 2021. It should be developed specially for ride hailing and ride sharing services. This one will be probably not available for everybody.

An innovated F-150 Hybrid should provide powerful towing and payload capacity as well as operate a mobile generator. It should be marketed in the Middle East and North America.

Starting since 2019, Ford of Europe, should add a plug-in hybrid variant of the Transit Custom to its range.

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