2017-09-20 15:52:54

Ford's Best New Hot Hatch is Not Coming to the US

Ford Fiesta ST pic

The improved model Fiesta ST, presented by Ford in February, is unlikely to appear on sale in the US market.

While the European motorists are already available for sale compact versions, including the sport line ST Line, in American salons you can find only the previous models, which in 2018 will receive minor changes.

The seventh version of the Ford Fiesta ST will not fall on the US car market, as stated by the Leo Rex. The head of the Blue Oval explained that insufficient demand for the car is the main reason for the absence of compact cars in the US market. According to him, it makes no sense to invest money in an unpromising segment.

Recall that the company Volkswagen and Toyota also decided to abandon the supply of their new Polo and Yaris models .

True, the latter will be available in a very limited number, and the European market will come only 400 Yaris.

Among the bright features of the updated supermini models are the 6-speed automatic transmission for Fiesta and Yaris and the 6-speed DSG for Polo.

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