2016-08-23 12:56:29

Free Performance Driving School for Ford Focus RS Drivers

Free Performance Driving School for Ford Focus RS Drivers

Ford is providing a complimentary RS Adrenaline Academy Driving Experience for its Focus RS.

The program is provided by Ford and Ford Performance as well as the owners of this year’s and next year’s Ford Focus RS vehicles. In such a way the owners will have a possibility to find out the capabilities of their hot hatchback. The program progresses at Utah Motorsports Campus (Grantsville) and expect the schedule to be announced sometime in 2016.

The automaker says that the RS Adrenaline Academy Driving Experience gives the customers a full immersion into the handling characteristics and performance. This course provides skills such as shifting, breaking and cornering and meanwhile focuses on the particular dynamics of the model, alike the vehicles 4 driving modes.

The automaker’s Performance Racing School will provide the RS vehicles. All of the cars will be fitted with all safety equipment.

The Focus Rs will still be in charge of the hotel and travel expenses, though the American producer will take care of the charges connected with the driving school in the whole capacity.