2017-09-28 23:45:35

Get A Biturbo WD-40-Themed Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco pic

New Ford Bronco is heading to SEMA 2017 ahead of a charity auction.

The innovated Bronco from the automaker will arrive soon. The original classic is getting more and more relevant. At 2017 SEMA show, the 1966 Bronco should become one of many on display before heading to auction some time later in 2017.

The custom Bronco was developed by Vaccar in collaboration with WD-40. The model boasts an outstanding blue-and-yellow exterior mimicking WD-40’s Multi-use product line. Blue body features one black horizontal pinstripe. The front fascia and wheel accents are of bright yellow colour.

You will find a biturbo EcoBoost engine under the hood.

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