2017-02-13 14:21:07

Increased Range and Innovated Battery For Euro-spec Focus EV From Ford

Ford Focus pic

Europeans can obtain the revised Focus EV from Ford. The model receives the same line of enhancements just like its American relative.

The automaker has quietly upgraded the Euro-spec Focus Electric fully-electric car. The Blue oval company has came up with a decision to take the innovated liquid-cooled 33.5-kWh battery pack of the American Focus Electric to Europe. By the way, it replaces the 23-kWh battery. Due to this, the electric range of the Focus electric vehicle raises by 39 miles to a whole of 140 miles.

Moreover, the Euro-spec Focus Electric Vehicle receives DC fast-charge set-up that can recharge the battery to an 80% level in 30 minutes. The Brake Coach technology helps drivers to maximize the energy that was captured through the vehicle’s regenerative braking set-up.

Power numbers remain the same. Inside the vehicle you will find SYNC 3 infotainment set-up with extended voice commands, capacitive touchscreen display and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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