2017-03-25 17:57:14

Mustang Leather For A Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang pic

Vilner, a tuner based in Europe, has a division in China. It is called Vilner Beijing. A customer approached the shop with a rather controversial project. He wanted the leather in his vehicle to be from a mustang as well. He even decided to complete the car with hair from a mustang!

In the result, the developers used the “hairy” leather bits for the sides of the seats inside the vehicle. The other cabin parts were wrapped in horse leather manually. Bordeaux red stitching accentuates the seats. Meanwhile the belts and the seams around the handbrake are also wrapped in mustang leather.

Other parts of interior got a less-offensive fabric. Door panels, helm and dash are covered with Alcantara.

There is a thought that this project will not be well-received in America...

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