2016-08-26 15:38:08

New Recalls of Ford Vehicles

Ford Flex pic

Ford has recalled 111,500 cars in North America (2 safety recalls and 1 safety appliance recall actions). 97,500 cars are located in America.

The biggest campaign touches 86,000 cars. There are 2013-2015 Ford Taurus, Police Interceptor, Flex and the Lincoln MKS and mkt. only cars with the 3.5-litre turbocharged motor have suffered.

The issue is that the fuel pump control module might fail. This will lead to stalling of the engine while running without warning. It also can fail to start at all. The automaker does not know about injuries or accidents connected to the issue. The affected cars will be inspected at dealerships.

As for the 2nd recall, it deals with 2,500 Ford Transit vans. They were fitted with the 3.2-litre diesel unit. The models come from the 2015 and this model years. The issue is that the fuel injection pump can fail. This will lead to the same problem as the problem in the previously discussed recall.

The company is not aware of any accidents connected to this issue as well. The fuel set-up will be inspected at dealerships for metallic contamination. In case it is not found, the fuel injection pump along with its associated details will be replaced.

Lastly, the automaker has a safety compliance recall that has touched 27,000 Escapes. The power window software needs to be updated. All the affected cars are from the next model year.

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