2016-10-05 16:25:29

Next-Gen Bronco Was Confirmed By Ford

Ford Bronco pic

Ford wants to return to the famous Bronco offering.

So, there is this word fight between Donald Trump, Ford Motor Company and the United Automobile Workers organization. When Ford decided to move to the next gen Focus production in the near Mexico, the Republican Party’s nominee for President said that the automaker was leaving.

The executive chairman of the company, Bill Ford, answered the nominee’s attacks. He said that the automaker is everything that he needs to celebrate about the U.S.  Ford has been adding jobs, it is healthy and paid back the borrowings. Besides, it is the largest among the vehicle producers in America.

The automaker made an investment of $2.5 billion in Mexico. There is a plant in the state of Chihuahua along with a new transmission factory located in Guanajuato.

Up till this time the producer did not comment the issue. However, we are informed that the plant in Mexico will open in 2018. We suppose the 6th-gen Branco will come out right away after that.

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