2016-08-23 12:58:54

Next Year's Focus Electric from Ford Will Feature 33.5 kWh Battery

Ford Focus pic

Ford released a teaser for the next year’s Focus Electric closer to the end of the year. According to the announcement, it will have an innovated DC fast-charge set-up. The battery will be able to recharge to an 80% level in 30 minutes.

Sometime later the director of the company’s electrified powerplant engineering stated that the 0-emissions Focus will feature a maximum range of almost 100 miles.

Regarding the next year’s model year, there will be a 46% enhancement in capacity for the liquid-cooled lithium ion battery. It will jump from 23 kWh to 33.5 kWh. The electric range will be increased around to 110 miles.

The considered model’s sales will start in America at the end of December. The 2017 MY will also feature an innovated White Gold paint and a new set of 17-inch Sparkle Silver alloys.

According to rumours, the automaker wants a more diversified EV range by presenting a line of “Model E”-labeled vehicles since 2019. Reports suggest, that the new offering will originate on teh next generation Focus.

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