2017-07-31 14:09:46

Price For The Next Year's Ford F-150

Ford F-150 pic

One hundred years ago Ford presented the 1st pick-up truck. The unit was originated on the Model T.

It was named the Model TT and sported a beefed-up frame that was able to support 1 ton of cargo. Just like the Model T, the TT was a car for the working class. Then it was sold for $600. Now it equals to almost $12,500.

The automaker’s online configurator suggests that the most costly 2018 Ford F-150 should cost almost 6 times that much. It is $71.185. For this price a customer will receive fully equipped 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor. A $70,890 F-150 Limited SuperCrew features FWD, the 3.5-litre EcoBoost six-cylinder joined to 10-speed automatic transmission and a 5-1/2-foot bed.

The F-150 is also available in working-class trim. A base offering, the F-150 XL is in single-cab 2-wheel configuration. It is possible to obtain it for $28,675. It features vinyl floors and an Am/Fm stereo. Meanwhile the XLT offers basic power features and a bit more bling. It costs $34,265.

As for the high-end clients, they will be able to reach the $70,000-plus Limited price tag. There will be options added to the Limited’s $63,945 base price that are worth $5,650 (such as electronic gadgetry, cameras and leather).

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