2018-01-14 23:36:57

This Year's Ford Mustang Bullitt Will Be Presented at the Auto Show held in Detroit

Ford Mustang pic

According to gossips, this year’s special edition Ford Mustang Bullitt will be presented at the Auto Show held in Detroit.

The automaker sold a Mustang Bullitt in 2009 for the last time. This happened after it reunited for the 2008 model year. Thus, almost a decade has passed since the producer has let out a special edition offering with the nameplate. The rumour had it that a new unit will be released for the 50th anniversary of Steve McQueens film called Bullitt with the already iconic Highland Green Mustang GT 390 fastback.

The first model was marketed 17 years ago. It was available in the same Highland Green shade. This year’s unit should feature a similar colour scheme as well as 5-spoke black wheels and a chrome lip. Currently we don’t know if there will be any enhancements in performance.

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