2018-05-07 21:45:33

Timberline And Maverick Are Ford’s Latest Trademarks

Ford Maverick pic

Ford has been working on several new offerings. Hypothetically, they can have the timberline and Maverick nameplates.

The producer from America has trademarked Timberline and Maverick with the U.s. Patent and Trademark office. Fans that have been spending years with ford will recognize the Maverick name. It was applied in the 1970s for a compact sedan and coupe offerings. Besides, it appeared on other automaker’s vehicles in different markets. 

The Timberline nameplate feels like something outdoors. Probably it can be used for an off-road offering. It is also possible that Timberline can be used for a trim level or pack (for example, Bronco Timberline or Ranger Timberline.

Maverick and Timberline were issued in the middle of last month. Timberline was applied this January and Maverick was filed in December 2 years ago.

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