2016-11-21 17:51:52

World Record Set By Ford Super Duty

Ford F-450 pic

Ford decided that yesterday was the time for the next year’s Ford F-450 Super Duty to establish a patriotic Guiness World Record.

It was for the “World’s Largest Flag Pulled by a Moving Vehicle.” A 45 by 92 foot American flag was pulled by the Ford’s car. The company chose the Homestead-Miami Speedway’s 1.5-mile track located in Florida. The previous record established by a Chevrolet on September 28. The car pulled a 3,203 square feet flag. This happened at Motor Speedway in Texas.

The torquetastic eight-cylinder 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel motor produces 440 hp and torque of 925 pound-feet. The truck is able to tow 32,500 pounds. So, it was not a problem at all to tow such a huge flag.

The model had to meet several conditions in order to place the record. One of them supposed that the car had to ride beyond the 328 feet (that was the previous record). The flag was not allowed to touch the ground. The truck managed to do 360 feet. The vehicle rode 4 full laps.

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