2014-06-12 00:53:43

Fines Lifted Off General Motors

Fines Lifted Off General Motors

Bosses of General Motors have one concern less with $7,000 fine paid on a daily basis lifted off by profile federal safety administration. The reason behind it was reluctance to cooperate on ignition switch failure investigation.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a daily fine when its agents found that cooperation from the carmaker’s side left much to be desired on recall investigation. The sum of the fine has reached $420,000. Apart from that, another $35 million penalty is due the beginning of July.

Local media informs that safety administration has finally received a detailed official report from the company. Issued a week ago, the report release date coincided with the announcement of dismissal of more than a dozen employees whose fault was found in incorrect assembly. Disciplinary penalty was imposed on 5 more factory workers.

Now each month General Motors representatives will have to personally report to NHTSA agents. Twice a month written recall repair details and all the related information will have to be submitted to safety administration.