2014-10-09 13:38:03

GM Designs an Innovated Electric Car

GM Designs an Innovated Electric Car

A new electric car which will be sold together with Spark EV and Volt is being developed by General Motors.

The automaker has not confirmed on which model the offering will be grounded at, but previous reports say that the compact EV and the Sonic will parade a 200-mile range. The offering is expected to be presented in 2017. It will supplement the already existing electric cars in the lineup of General Motors which already includes the Spark EV and Chevrolet Volt.

Mark Reuss, the global product leader of General Motors approved the aims during a latter showcase to investors. He also elaborated about how the Spark EV is feeling itself on the market. The model is being sold in California and Oregon now, but Reuss stated that the customers would like it to hopscotch the country.

The American company is going to launch the Volt of next car generation sometime near to 2016. The company has realized 14,540 entities of the plug-in hybrid sedan only during September of the current year.