2016-10-18 11:26:22

2016 Honda Civic Recalled

Honda Civic pic

Honda has stated about a great recall for this year’s Civic Sedan and Coupe offerings in the U.S. The automaker will upgrade the software that influences the EPB functionality. This fix will be free of charge.

According to the company, the software for the Vehicle Stability Assist Electronic Control Unit may have issues with application of the EPB when it is used right after turning the ignition off. In case the EPB is not applied, the special “Brake” war in the panel will alert the driver during 15 seconds.

The problem was found thankfully to warranty claims that dealt with illumination of the brake warning light. The producer is not aware of any injuries or crushes cased by the issue.

The owners will be notified starting from next month. They will receive e-mail messages. Honda says that each owner should bring the car to an authorized dealer and have it repaired right away. Presumably, there should be 350,000 cars recalled.

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