2016-10-14 15:37:30

Civic Si From Honda Will Arrive in November

Honda Civic Si pic

The innovated Civic Si from Honda will be presented at this year’s Auto Show held in LA.

The news spread from the show. Actually, more than 50 presentations are expected this November. The Los Angeles show revealed only that a turbocharged Civic Si will be shown. So we still don’t know if it will be a coupe, hatch or sedan. The innovated model is rumoured to be a hatchback.

A turbocharged V4 unit will equip the model. The current version produces 164 hp and torque of 162 pound-feet. It also equips the next year’s CR-V with 190 hp and torque of 179 lb-ft. The innovated Civic Si will probably produce almost 220 hp and stand out from the current range, just as the coming-soon Type R.

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