2017-05-15 16:46:18

Expect To See Honda HR-V Update Soon

Honda HR-V pic

The HR-V from Honda was firm against an influx of new competitors. It remained one of the best sellers in the small SUV segment. However, this does not mean that Honda will rest.

The Japanese company’s Australian part is ready to offer an update on the current offering imminently before more comprehensive HR-V upgrade with should happen in the beginning of 2018.

Director at Honda Australia stated that the HR-V will get its update soon. However, no one knows what to expect. We suppose that it will be optionally available with an in-built satellite navigation set-up.

The director stated that HR-V has been rather consistent. He is sure it provides a good package.

Collins says they are very happy and there is more coming. That is why the company has to keep it fresh and keep developing.

There will be an upgrade soon. The usual cycle would be that sometime in 2018. Expect to see a minor style change that fits into the usual cycle.

We think that the upgrade will spread on a range of cosmetic tweaks, such as a revised front bumper and radiator enclosure. Besides, there can be some design changes in the interior. 

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