2016-09-16 15:51:12

Compact Crossover From Hyundai Spied In The Desert

Compact Crossover From Hyundai Spied In The Desert pic

Hyundai failed to cover its compact crossover from the eyes of our spies. There’s a stylized letter H on the enclosure and its outlook is a little bit different.

The car was undergoing hot-weather testing, so little more camouflage was stripped off. It was possible to see the narrow intake, the mesh enclosure and the lower fascia stretching along the car’s bottom edge. There’s some sporty aesthetic as the slits on the front wheels provide thelook of brake cooling ducts.

 You can see an arrangement with a strip of LEDs along with a turn signal on the outer edge on the passenger side. At the same time, there is an amber piece on the driver’s side.

The back part is still under camouflage. The only thing that we managed to see is the taillights. They are narrow and taper at the edges.

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