2017-10-21 21:58:36

Hyundai Says That Electrified Does Not Equal To Boring

Hyundai Says That Electrified Does Not Equal To Boring

Bisimoto will work on the latest Ioniq from Hyundai.

Bisimoto is famous for crazy high-horsepower builds for SEMA that is held in Las Vegas every year. Now it works its magic on the “HyperEconiq Ioniq”. Bisimoto is focusing on the best hypermiling, friction techs and eсonomy.

There is no strapping on a large turbocharger to the Ioniq and boosting its power. The brand says the offering will receive combined fuel economy well over 80 mpg.

The changes will also include a Bisimoto Dream aero kit that consists of a TA wing, front splitter, wheel covers at the rear part and side splitters. 19-inch carbon-fibber wheels are wrapped with low-rolling resistance tyres. There also will be a Bisimoto pulse-chamber exhust, ARP wheel studs, Recaro Pole Position seats, Racepak OBD-monitoring electronics, Buddy Club aluminium brake callipers, NGK spark plugs and enhanced generators.