2018-03-12 23:43:57

Hyundai will have an 8-seat hybrid

Hyundai Santa Fe pic

Hyundai is actively testing the prototypes of the latest 8-mile cross, which will be located in the model line of the company near the new Santa Fe.

A full-sized crossover will receive a hybrid installation. The paparazzi found out that the car in front resembles the design of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, namely, on narrow LED headlights, a block with fog lights, daytime running lights and a large branded radiator. The rear part is hidden under the camouflage, but there are seen vertical lanterns, an enlarged overhang, racks with a more vertical arrangement.

Suppose that the novelty for 8 seats from Hyundai will receive a base from Kia Telluride, similarly tested today. Our hero makes his debut with electrical installations, perhaps it will be a hybrid system, supplemented with a 48-volt starter-generator, or an ICE + electric motor. The world premiere of the new Hyundai is expected for 2019.

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