2016-08-13 21:51:43

Hyundai's Future Fuel-Cell Spied

Hyundai Tucson pic

Paparazzi caught some shots of a typical Hyundai Tucson-based test mule. The test mule might be a prototype either for the automaker’s next-gen fuel-cell car or FCEV.

The producer from Korea is beginning to develop an innovated FCEV. Some pictures show a Mirai FCV that shadows the prototype.

There is not much information about the vehicle. They say that it will be an evolved variant of the current FCEV’s powerplant. It will probably have more power.

Even though the car is based on the Tucson, the production version will remind of the Hyundai Intrado Concept. It was shown to the public at the 2014 Motor Show that was held in Geneva.

The Tucson FCEVwill be launched at the Winter Olympics of 2018. It will be possible to obtain the car in more states as it meets strict California Air Resources Board regulations.

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