2017-07-26 01:01:38

Hyundai's Genesis Brand, Its SUVs And Coupes

Hyundai Genesis pic

It was stated that Genesis high-end brand from Hyundai is going to come up with several SUVs and coupes that will be sold together with G80 and G90 sedans.

According to the trademark filings, Genesis SUVs will get the “GV” moniker with a number revealing the car’s size. The producer has already presented the GV80 SUV (in a concept guise) in 2017. Though, the filings for GV60 and GV70 have been presented not. They also show that Genesis should manufacture 2 smaller SUVs to undercut the GV80.

According to Genesis, it will make 5 different offerings by 2020. The range should consist of the already-present G80 and G90 high-end sedans, a G70 sedan, a mid-size SUV, a smaller crossover and a “near high-end” GT70 coupe. According to the leaked future product plan, the brand’s line-up will be strengthened with innovative technologies setting the standard for performance and eco-friendliness.

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