2017-02-22 14:19:06

Now You Can Place More Inside 2017 Hyundai i30 Wagon

Hyundai i30 pic

This year’s i30 Wagon from Hyundai benefits from one of the largest trunks in the segment.

The automaker has shown the 3rd-gen i30 Wagon. The model should be one of the most practical offerings within its class thankfully to a large trunk. When the back seats are in their place, the compact estate created in Germany and manufactured in Czech Republic can place 602 litres of luggage. If you fold down the seats, the cargo capacity will be increased up to 1,650 litres. If you compare this offering with the previous model, it swallows just 538 and 1,643 litres accordingly.

The wagon should receive power from the same range of motors with the turbocharged V3 1.0-litre petrol engine that is able to produce 120 hp among them. There also will be a beefier 1.4-litre V4 unit with 140 hp. A CRDi diesel unit will feature a 1.6-litre displacement. This one will produce 95, 110 and 136 hp.

The model will be marketed with a 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic or 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic depending on the engine choice.

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