2017-06-22 20:29:25

Paparazzi Caught Hyundai Veloster N Hot Hatch At Nurburgring

Hyundai Veloster pic

Performance division at Hyundai is developing speedy hatches. 

The company’s N performance division is finishing development of the i30-originated hit hatchback. The team now wants to make the Veloster a better VW GTI competitor. Paparazzi managed to catch some spy shots to show the updated look of the car’s on-track development. 

The producer has got a replacement for the unit under consideration. Therefore, the N version should be placed at the top of the model range. The vehicle will probably be equipped with the identical 2.0-litre turbocharged V4 unit that can be found in the i30 N. It can produce 275 hp. 

The N division should provide other upgrades in performance. The Veloster should boast such enhancements as Brembo brakes, a sharper suspension and sticky tyres. Thankfully to the new chassis, the 2nd-gen Veloster should be lighter and stiffer than the current model.

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