2018-07-20 16:35:34

Special Hyundai Kona is dedicated to the IronMan

Special Hyundai Kona is dedicated to the IronMan

Hyundai presented a special version of the compact Kona in the spirit of the superhero Marvel - IronMan.

The car is called the Iron Man Edition and was shown at the Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.

The start of the production of the car is scheduled for December 2018. The car is expected to be available in a limited number for the coming year.

Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition acquired a new front optics, which were built-in unusual daytime running lights, reminiscent of its shape mask Iron Man. There is also a special V-shaped picture on the hood, the emblem of the mask of the Iron Man on the wings in front, the stickers of Stark Industries in front from below and on the back doors. The final touches - 18-inch wheels with an image of Iron Man on the caps.

The engraving of the IronMan is present on the rear pillars, as well as on the chrome radiator, made in dark tones. The body of the SUV was matte gray.

The salon sheltered the signature of Tony Stark on the dashboard with the selector knob. The projection screen with the center console got a visual design in Iron Man's style, plus new chairs appeared.