2015-12-30 14:56:51

The Q30 & QX30 from Infinity are the Same Cars

Infiniti Q30 pic

Did you notice that the differences between the Infinity Q30 and QX30 are minimal? Meanwhile the manufacturer decided not to use the Q30 moniker in North America.

The company stated that it will sell three different variants of the QX30 there.

The entry-level offering is called the Q30 in other markets. It will be sold with front-wheel drive system only. The mid-level QX30S is a renamed variant of the Q30S. It has got a reduced ride height, outstanding 19-inch alloys with performance tyres, a sportier front bumper and cross-drilled brake rotors.

The QX30 AWD will become the North American variant of the QX30. It will benefit from a regular 4-wheeldrive, an increased ride height and ruggedized bumpers.

All the versions will receive power from a 2.0-litre V4 engine with an output of 208 hp. The engine will be joined to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The Infiniti QX30 range will be marketed in the U.S. and Canada in the middle of 2016. The prices will be known before the launch. Approximately, the model will cost $30,000.

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