2017-07-27 22:49:44

Hot R-S Trim For Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace pic

Can you imagine the small SUV producing an excess of 350 hp?

The F-Pace crossover from Jaguar got a new partner in crime with the coming-up of the smaller F-Pace. The small SUV was recently presented in London. It is almost about the size of a Q3 from Audi or GLA from Mercedes. It is equipped with a range of 2.0-litre engines (petrol and diesel ones). The engines produce 296 hp.

X-Tomi Design artists have imagined with digital means a performance-oriented E-Pace R-S. If it will be ever produced, the unit will have an SVR badge. Besides an aggressive front fascia with 2 sculpted vents on every corner, the E-Pace R-S rendering features bigger brakes, new wheels and a lower centre of gravity. It is coloured in Caesium Blue and features a carbon fibber roof.

Just like the GLA 45 from Mercedes and RS Q3 from Audi, the rendering should be loaded with engine that is able to produce almost 350 hp.

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