2017-06-22 14:44:57

Jaguar Announces Price For E-Pace, But Nothing Else

Jaguar E-Pace pic

The E-Pace from Jaguar will come out in 2018. Its cost will start from $39,595 along with destination. 

Usually vehicles are revealed and the cost is unveiled ahead of their launch. However, the automaker is bucking the trend and teasing the E-Pace crossover as well as announcing the price for it beforehand. The coming-up E-Pace is a smaller variant of the F-Pace. It is going to become the 2nd performance SUV that will join the company’s “Pace” range. The automaker released another picture of the “Pace” line-up where the E-Pace looks smaller than the F-Pace. 

The producer did not inform about lots of other details. We know that the vehicle will be regular with AWD. It is also should be powered with the family of Ingenium motors. 

More info is expected when the model debuts on July 13 this year.

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