2017-07-17 23:57:33

Jaguar E-Pace Broke Another Record

Jaguar E-Pace pic

Jaguar has set one more Guinness World Record with its E-Pace which performed a cool 270-degree barrel roll in a production car.

The stunt was made at the ExCeL London with Terry Grant driving the production-verified E-Pace.

ExCeL London is a huge exhibition centre. It is one of the only indoor facilities that is sufficiently big to cater the stunt. It needed a 160-metre run-up and run-off vital for the leap of 15 metres.

Grant holds 21 world records. During the past year he has been cooperating with the producer on the stunt. The driver felt a cool 5.5g of acceleration force safely landed and stopped the vehicle at the end of the stunt.

Engineers at the company worked for a long time to calculate everything and find the correct entry speed as well as ramp land angle. During all this time, 3 E-Paces got to their market and just a roll cage was added to protect Grant.

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