2018-05-30 17:02:09

Jaguar thinks about the super-strong I-Pace

Jaguar thinks about the super-strong I-Pace

Jaguar is thinking of developing an SVR version of first crossover I-Pace on electricity.

Autocar informs that the director for strategic planning of the company Hanno Kirner hinted to them about this event.

Kirner says that Jaguar often questions about what the SVR variant of I-Pace can become. They are able to create an electric car, which will take a "hundred" for 1.8 seconds.

The standard crossover is provided with 2 motors on electricity with 200 "horses" each. The first 100 km/h are given to the Jaguar I-Pace in 4.8 seconds at a top speed of 200 km per hour.

Also Kirner added that in the I-Pace the batteries are present between the axes and low. The company did this in connection with an improvement in the distribution of weight along the axes to the range of 50:50. Similar settings can get a "hot" version of SUV.