2017-12-29 14:18:06

Meet Stunning Jaguar C-X75 Supercar

Meet Stunning Jaguar C-X75 Supercar

The C-X75 from Jaguar is the most stunning supercar ever. You may remember it from Spectre, the latest Bond film, however, the super coupe has never reached the production pipe.

The admirers have been bagging the automaker to embody the C-X75. One of the artists has rendered a topless variant.

Aksyonov Nikita did a digital rendering of a modern-day C-X75 Roadster. The unit features sharp cues. You can see a red paint job with gunmetal wheels, The F1-inspired 1.6-litre V4 engine and 4 electric motors unit is able to output 850 hp in total.

In case the unit goes to the factory, it could have an electric range of 37 miles. It would be able to accelerate 0-60 mph only 3.4 seconds. The model’s top speed would be almost 200 mph.