2017-05-22 16:48:46

New XF Sportbrake From Jaguar Teased Before June Premier

Jaguar XF pic

The latest XF Sportbrake from Jaguar has been teased in numerous snaps promoting the wagon before its presentation scheduled for June 14.

The XF Sportbrake is clearly seen on the snaps. Some tennis ball-themed camo was applied in order to hide certain bodylines and small parts. The car looks just the same with the expectations regarding the latest XF in the wagon form. It received the same front end as the B-pillar forward, quite similar taillamps and the identical dual exhausts and rear diffuser.

But why was it hidden under the tennis ball vinyl wrap? Jaguar is the official vehicle of this year’s tennis Championships at Wimbledon. They will start on July 3 and will last till July 16. The company from Great Britain will promote the vehicle with retired tennis pro Tim Henman.

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