2017-07-10 21:34:29

With Or Without Incentives, Jaguar I-Pace Is A Sure Thing

Jaguar I-Pace pic

Jaguar Australia is going to plough ahead with the fully-electric, AWD I-Pace small SUV despite how much support electric cars have in Australia from the government. The vehicles will be on sale by the end of 2018. 

The chief of Jaguar Land Rover states that it is sad that local authorities do not want to follow the planets best practice by giving either cash-back incentives, tax discounts or registration fee reductions for 0-emission cars, but he is still going to put the vehicle on the market next year. 

Besides Tesla sales, EVs have never set the world on fire. However, the automaker is sure that the I-Pace will change that. 

The boss says that they are selling the I-Pace there for sure, despite the moves of the government. 

The company’s competitors are determined to do it and Jaguar will do it. The boss believes that the future is out there.

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