2017-04-30 23:42:56

Death Of The Forte Koup From Kia

Kia Forte Koup pic

Just 1 year ago Kia updated its Forte range at the Auto Show held in Detroit. It gave the 4-door sedan and 5-door hatch a whole bunch of cosmetic tweaks.

It has also provided an S trim and a 2.0-lite motor for them. The Forte Koup had to get almost the same tweaks sometime later throughout the year. With no luck, though.

It’s high time to know why. According to the Kis spokesperson, the Forte Koup will be axed after the last year’s model year. This will be due to the clients who have different needs.

So, no more orders will be accepted for the offering under discussion. However, if you hurry up, you can find it in stock.

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