2018-03-05 23:34:55

Fresh photos of the new generation of wagon Kia Ceed

Kia Ceed pic

The Internet has spread the first pictures of an official nature with the universal Kia Ceed of a new generation.

There is no additional data on the car, as it remains unknown what kind of car will be the size and size of the trunk.

Ceed's wagon debut at the Geneva auto show. Add that here will be a public debut of the same name hatch. A new generation of Kia Ceed saw the world in mid-February. The car is made on the newest K2 architecture, which turned out to be stronger and lighter than the J4 base, which was used earlier.

The engine compartment consists of 3 gasoline engines for 100, 120, 140 hp, as well as two diesel engines for 115 and 136 hp. The model also changed a bit in its name - earlier the family was called cee'd, and now - Ceed.

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