2017-10-02 13:06:47

Kia Makes The Stinger Louder For America

Kia Stinger pic

The producer from Korea has set quite high expectations for the 1st-ever sports sedan that should rival with Porsche, Infiniti and Audi.

It was reported that Kia has not fully fine tuned the exhaust note. Engineers are still figuring out a way to make the model louder for the American market. Like the M4 from BMW and other units, the automaker states it will emit engine noise through the stereo system.

The Vice President notes it sounded like something from the ‘70s. Customers from Korea do not appreciate loud exhausts as they think it is a bad muffler that someone is not taking a proper care of their vehicle.

Headquarters need to ship eighteen exhaust set-ups to the United States that will be fitted onto media preview cars.

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