2017-06-09 17:48:10

Kia Previewed New Compact Crossover

Kia Stonic pic

Kia has shown sketches for the upcoming Stonic crossover. The producer from Korea says that the name Stonic comes from combination of the words “Speedy” and “Tonic”.

This also refers to the 1st and last note in the musical scale. Paparazzi have already snapped the Stonic testing. The automaker’s sketches show more styling that Kia will provide for the compact crossover. 

On the outside the car features a sweeping roofline. It gives the vehicle a coupe-like appearance. The automaker says that the outstanding tail light graphics “amplify the unit’s young and futuristic appearance”. Inside the cabin the vehicle will feature a European style with straight lines, geometric design forms and smooth surfaces. 

Kia Stonic will be marketed in the 2nd part of the year, so expect the debut soon.

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