2016-11-23 18:36:54

Kia Sportage Is Recalled: Fire Risk

Kia Sportage pic

The 2008-2009 Sportage from Kia is being recalled because of an electrical issue.

Almost 71,700 models in America will be recalled. The thing is that improper the sealing of a wire harness cover used for the HECU can lead to moisture entering the module. In case water contaminates with salt, an electrical short can occur.

The recall warns that if the HECU circuit board faces with a short circuit, then there can be a thermal event as well as a chance of a fire in the engine compartment. It was also stated that salt water in the HECU cannot affect brake performance.

The producer found out about this problem after receiving a report of an engine fire connected with a Kia Sportage that was parked. Having reviewed the materials from other “thermal events”, the Korean company decided to investigate deeper and has focused on the HECU.

The company’s dealers will change the connector and inspect the HECU assembly. The discussed recall will begin on November 28.

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