2018-05-16 20:36:08

Updated Kia Sportage seemed ahead of time

Updated Kia Sportage seemed ahead of time

Kia finishes with the tests of the updated Sportage SUV.

The paparazzi "caught" the car near the Nurburgring, which was deprived of all protective camouflage. In theory, the novelty debuts in Paris-2018.

The photos hint that the SUV has received other headlights for 4 LEDs, a radiator in the new design and air intakes according to the SP concept. Another car will acquire new bumpers with an exhaust system, plus an improved bottom protection will be added.

In addition to the innovations in the exterior, the new technical part of Sportage is highlighted. The steamer was modified with a combined installation, functioning according to the mild hybrid scheme. DVS received a 48-volt on-board power supply in the pair.