2016-08-24 15:32:21

Lamborghini Will Double Global Sales by 2019

Lamborghini Urus pic

Lamborghini believes in the coming-soon Urus SUV.

The producer from Italy wants to double its manufacturing to 7,000 vehicles yearly by 2019. In one of the interview, the company’s CEO stated that Lamborghini will not go away from manufacturing sports vehicles and will preserve them exclusive. The annual manufacturing of supercars will stand at 3,500 vehicles.

The latest Urus SUV should be marketed in 2018. Its price will kick off starting from $200,000.

The company also wants to increase the global dealer network (from 132 units to 160). Almost 30% of the producer’s sales and dealerships locate in America for now. Back in 2015 it was stated that the company will add 500 workers and double the size of the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory.

After the prediction version is available in 2 years, Lamborghini will offer a plug-in-hybrid variant by 2020. It also might add a fully-electric vehicle to its range.

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