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2014-05-05 10:55:47
Turbocharged V8 Expected for Lamborghini Urus

To add a different supercar to its array of engine-holders with natural aspiration, Lamborghini mulls over a turbo mill for eight cylinders.

2014-02-26 10:47:19
Choose Options for Your Future Lamborghini Huracan

Still waiting for the official premiere in Geneva, Huracan is already available for a web configurator allowing the customers to choose the options they need.

2014-02-14 14:24:08
700 Eager Customers for Lamborghini Huracan

Private previews of the hot supercar which had been conducted for months have already brought in 700 VIP customers.

2013-12-30 12:47:04
Updates on Lamborghini Huracan

A range of photos were uploaded by Lamborghini to let customers preview the unusual looking Huracan model in various colour solutions.

2013-12-20 12:32:29
New Lamborghini Is a Fact Now

The current best-selling Lamborghini model is about to be replaced.

2013-10-22 11:54:35
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster: Fresh Pictures

A day after uncovering its gorgeous Veneno Roadster, Lamborghini has revealed a package of fresh pictures of the 3.3 Million Euro drop-top.

2013-09-09 11:13:43
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Approved

An exceptional Lamborghini Veneno, which was uncovered earlier this year at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, will be receiving a convertible version in an extremely limited production.

2013-08-26 10:24:03
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse Takes Competitions to the Streets

Fresh version of the Lamborghini Gallardo has been uncovered, the LP 570-4 Squadra Corse which is going to bring race track experience to the road.

2013-08-19 12:01:10
Marvelous 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario Roadster

Believe it or not this crazy-looking vehicle is not the product of some secret military program. It may look like a stealth jet but it’s actually constructed for the road. Welcome the Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversario Roadster.

2013-08-09 11:07:43
Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse Can be Purchased for $261,200

The fresh Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse is going to America especially in a Giallo Midas (yellow) color, and kicks off at $261,200 featuring a $2,100 gas guzzler fee.

2013-07-04 14:06:44
Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador Amplifies Brand

The Novitec Group has broadened its brand with its newest business unit, Novitec Torado, which will concentrate on adjusting Lamborghini sports vehicles.

2013-07-02 12:38:47
Hertz Dream Car Program Provides Euro Luxury and Extravagant Rentals

Hertz has informed about its Dream Car Program, which will offer vehicle renters the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their most wanted luxury or extravagant car.

2013-06-13 13:44:28
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Manufacturing Specifications Unveiled

Constructing a vehicle capable of a 2.5-sec 0-60 sprint isn’t always complicated, but making one that does more than that does.

2013-06-12 14:13:20
Transformers 4: Lamborghini Aventador Comes to the Dark Side?

Michael Bay has unveiled fresh addition to the Transformers 4 car range, this time it’s an elegant Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

2013-05-17 14:08:59
Lamborghini Egoista Single-Seater Ultra Car Unveiled at 50th Anniversary Show

If you believed Lambo couldn’t become any more extreme than its Veneno ultra car unveiled in Geneva this year, you were MISTAKEN.

2013-05-17 14:03:48
Lamborghini Urus Approved to Take Off

Lamborghini has allowed the Urus SUV to start the production process.

2013-04-29 12:28:39
Lamborghini Gallardo Chrome Matador by ZR Auto

Auto Show starts tomorrow at the Calgary International Auto tuning studio ZR Auto will show the 1500-strong ultra car Lamborghini Gallardo labeled Matador. Tuners work hard on the exclusive product, upgrading its capacity by almost three times, as well as enhanced exterior styling, that emphasized the individuality of the model and increase its aerodynamic properties. It should be noted that the Lamborghini Gallardo Matador claims the title of one of the most rapid vehicles in the world.

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